Film Noir / Crime

You turn on your television. You eventually notice you don't want to watch anything that's on. You need to see something new and different...or rather something old and different!

How about checking out the dangerous world of Film Noir.

The term "Film Noir" is translated from the French language to literally mean "dark film". A more modern cinematic label to describe a select genre of 40s & 50s crime dramas, mysteries and melodramas. Mainly shot in black & white, these films were of a more cynical and sexual nature than others of the time. The camera work was heavily influenced by German Expressionist cinematography while an inventive young group of directors had free reign. The use of shadows and off-beat camera angles proved to be quite effective for letting your imagination take you away.

Some classic rarities of Film Noir featured many fine actors such as Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Dan Duryea, Beverly Michaels, Howard Duff, George Raft, Broderick Crawford & Ida Lupino (to name just a few).

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